The Star of the Show

They are some of the biggest stars at Marineland, but they’re quite humble about it. Smooshi, Apollo, Zeus, and the others are happy to get their pictures taken, regularly entertaining crowds at King Waldorf’s Stadium. It’s hard not to love walruses.

Instantly recognizable with their bushy, beard-like whiskers and long tusks, walruses have rounded bodies and rough wrinkled skin. They’re also quite large mammals as well, with adult males growing to as much as 1500 kg in weight and over 3.5 metres long.


They’re highly social animals, and love the company of others, although for most of the year the males and females stay in separate herds. While they prefer clams and other small aquatic creatures, they’ve been known to eat larger animals like seals and narwhals, too.

Regular visitors can easily tell our walruses apart based on their personalities alone, but if you’re visiting Marineland for the first time just ask about them. We’re happy to talk all about our wonderful walrus friends.

Dan waving w: Smooshi