The Second-Best Thrill Ride in Niagara Falls?

The second-most thrilling ride in Niagara Falls is at Marineland. Trouble is, we can’t decide if it’s the Sky Screamer™ or the Dragon Mountain© Roller Coaster.

It’s literally impossible to top the Sky Screamer™. After all, it’s the world’s highest triple tower ride, over 137 metres of scream-inducing, straight up fun. And after rocketing you up to one of the most spectacular views of the Niagara region and the world-famous Falls (did we mention you’d be travelling up to 96 km/h?), you’ll scream again as you plunge all the way back down.

Then again, Dragon Mountain© is the world’s largest non-stop steel roller coaster. You’ll race and loop over 12 hectares of land guaranteed to impress the daredevil in you. With 354.48 metres of tunnels (also tops in the world), Dragon Mountain©; will thrill you inside and out. Best of all, you can ride as many times as you want – there’s no premium paid to go on these premium rides.


So which is the second-most thrilling ride in Niagara Falls? It’s easy to try them both at Marineland today, and decide for yourself. Because the only ride more thrilling includes a barrel and the Falls itself.