The Magic of Marineland’s Arctic Cove™

Do you know what makes Arctic Cove special? There’s something there we see every day, and it’s the most incredible, the most amazing, the most enjoyable sight you may ever see.

beluga eat

Now, if you’ve never been to Arctic Cove, there is a lot to see. It’s the home of our beluga whales, some of the most playful, active, and beautiful marine mammals around. You’ll see more beluga whales at Marineland than at any other marine park in the world, a truly remarkable experience whether you’re watching them from above ground or in our special underwater viewing area.

But Arctic Cove goes beyond seeing these wonderful creatures swim and play. Visitors are also able to interact directly with the belugas, touching them and feeding them under the special supervision of trained, passionate and dedicated animal caregivers. Since most people won’t ever get to see beluga whales in the wild, the opportunity to actually experience direct contact with them is something that they could only do at marine parks like Marineland.

That’s where the magic for us happens. Even more than the belugas themselves, and even more than seeing children (and the young at heart) meeting and interacting with them, there’s something else we see that makes Arctic Cove special for us. While visitors are watching the belugas, we’re watching future marine biologists, future conservationists, and future veterinarians. The spark that first appears in a child’s eye at Arctic Cove turns them into passionate animal lovers, and will carry through their whole lives.

Come visit us in Niagara Falls, Ontario, opening weekend begins May 17th!

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