Adorable Video of Playful Sea Lions

Sea lions love to have fun! “For sea lions, their play is based on each other,” explains Dan Macdonald, marine mammal caregiver. They are very social animals so the supervised play is perfect for them. Toys are added to these play sessions to enhance the experience for the animals.

Now, even though playtime is important, so are daily check-ups. Dan Macdonald explains that the sea lions are examined daily. Daily check ups include inspecting their bodies, mouths and teeth.

Check out the video to see the marine mammal caregivers interacting with Marineland’s sea lions:

60% Chance of Sunshine – Those are Great Odds

It’s Saturday! There’s a slight chance of a passing shower today but the whales and the dolphins at Marineland in Niagara Falls don’t mind. Neither should you because today would be a fabulous day to hop in the car and bring the whole family to see for yourself why everyone loves Marineland! We are a family destination and one of the few theme parks anywhere that allows you to bring in your own food and drinks. We also have reasonably priced food and beverages at our restaurants if you’re not up for a picnic.

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A Perfect Day to Visit Marineland

Another beautiful day on tap for Niagara! This would be a great time to bring the family to Marineland and make a day of it. Bring a picnic basket! This is one of the few theme parks that allow people to bring in their own food and drinks. The parking is free too. So is admission for kids 4 and under. At Marineland we understand families!

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Visit One of Ontario’s Favourite Destinations

Waking up to another beautiful day in Niagara Falls! The whales and the dolphins have had their breakfasts! So have the walruses and the sea lions. Everybody here is ready for you to drop by for the day to one of Ontario’s favourite destinations. Our new show is fabulous!

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