Check Out This Video About Marineland’s Beluga Whales!

The marine mammal caregivers at Marineland know the animals well. For example, one caregiver, Tali, has worked with a beluga whale for seven years. “To see him going from this younger animal, who was just learning to do things, to this animal who has a huge behavioral repertoire, is really fascinating” said Tali.

The video shows our caregivers and belugas during one of their husbandry training sessions. The husbandry behaviours taught to our marine mammals include presenting their fins or mouth for inspection. Learning and practising these behaviours make the animal more comfortable when it’s time for our veterinarians to examine them or carry out a necessary medical procedure.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! What better way to celebrate than to come to Niagara Falls and have a family picnic at Marineland. We’re all about family and that’s why we’re one of the few theme parks where you can bring in your own food and beverages!

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A Perfect Day to Visit Marineland

Another beautiful day on tap for Niagara! This would be a great time to bring the family to Marineland and make a day of it. Bring a picnic basket! This is one of the few theme parks that allow people to bring in their own food and drinks. The parking is free too. So is admission for kids 4 and under. At Marineland we understand families!

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