Vancouver Aquarium Committed to Rescue and Research – Park Board Decision Threatens To Destroy Conservation Efforts

Marineland supports the Vancouver Aquarium’s commitment to rescue, rehabilitation, and critical research related to the conservation and preservation of all marine mammals.

Vancouver Park Board’s hasty and sudden decision last night without any real debate or examination, under pressure from a tiny minority of vocal activists, condemns to death stranded or injured whales on the Pacific Coast of Canada.

For example, the false killer whale rescued and now alive and thriving at the Vancouver Aquarium would have died if the Vancouver Aquarium could not rescue and house it, the direct consequence of a decision like this. The only alternative to rescue, rehabilitation and long-term care for sick animals that cannot survive in the wild on their own is euthanasia.

This hasty decision, made after a single meeting, and without comprehensive and thorough evaluation of the impact on whale rescue and conservation, reflects the worst consequences of high pressure internet based attacks by a vocal minority of animal rights activists.

The decision will cause unnecessary marine mammal deaths, damage long term conservation efforts and reflects a lack of understanding of the role of science and education in preserving our natural habitat and educating our public.

Marineland will continue to provide a centre for research and a home for rescued animals that cannot be returned to the wild.  Marineland will continue to make decisions based on science and facts in the best interests of all of its animals.



What’s for Breakfast?

Good morning!

We all know the importance of a well-balanced breakfast. You might have some cereal or bacon and eggs, washed down with a cup of coffee or orange juice. But, not Marineland’s animals! They also have a well-balanced breakfast, but less traditional items are on their menu.

The Marineland staff arrives bright and early to check all the animals, then, it’s time to serve breakfast! The staff takes out 2,000 pounds of fish to thaw. That’s a lot of fish! You can pick your jaw up off the floor, though! This isn’t all eaten at breakfast. The staff thaws the fish to feed to the marine mammals throughout the day.

We like to keep our animals healthy! Which is why we give them vitamins. And how do you get the animals to take their vitamins? Simple, you put the vitamins into the fish and then feed the fish to the marine mammals!

You might be wondering what the land animals at Marineland are fed for breakfast.
Each day, about 110 bales of hay and 454 kg (1,000 lbs) of grain such as corn, barley and oats, along with a vitamin supplement, are given to the deer, elk and bison.

Now, when you make your way around the park you will know what happens before the park opens! There is a lot of morning preparation at Marineland to keep our animals happy and healthy.


The Magic of Marineland’s Arctic Cove™

Do you know what makes Arctic Cove special? There’s something there we see every day, and it’s the most incredible, the most amazing, the most enjoyable sight you may ever see.

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