Summer Weather Has Finally Arrived!

What a beautiful week to visit Marineland! There is no doubt that our long awaited summer has finally arrived. Yesterday at the park we met the Peters family from Saskatchewan who came back to rekindle childhood memories at Marineland. They were delighted that we are still one of the few theme parks that lets families bring their own beverages and food into the park. In the cool arbours of our family picnic area their 4 year olds told us they loved our belugas and one of our “spinny” rides. They arrived too late to catch the first show but were going to the next one. Mom said “Marineland is all about family memories”.

Later on we were watching a Dad watch his wife and kids going for a spin on our viking boat ride. You couldn’t erase the smile from his face and the sheer delight in the kids’ grins. We had to ask Dad why he didn’t join them. And he told us, “He’s too big for the ride”. And we had to admit he probably was. That’s when we discovered he’s a mining engineer from Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. “Long way to come isn’t it Dad!” we said. He explained his kids have been watching Marineland’s TV commercials for years and been begging to come. Now that’s a great Dad!

It’s going to be a hot week so make sure the kids have hats and lots of sunscreen. There are some great shaded areas here so you can cool off. It seems odd to say at an aquarium but bring lots of water! What a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime for a family! We hope to see you this week!