Our Four Legged Friends

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen at Marineland? Everyone knows us for our marine mammals and our great amusement rides, but many are surprised to encounter some of our four legged friends as well.

Our Deer Park gives our visitors a chance to see beautiful Fallow Deer in person. This European species have a spectacular reddish-yellow coat with white spots, and a white stripe on either side of their long black tails. Their palmate antlers grow for four or five months each year before they are shed and regrown the following year. You can even feed these deer as well.

DSC_0554 (1)

You’ll also see Red Deer, with their full reddish-brown coats. The males sport complex branching antlers that can weigh up to 9 kg and grow over a metre long. Plus we’re fortunate enough to have some wapiti, a subspecies of red deer also commonly called elk. The name means “white deer”, likely referring to the light patch of fur on their rump.

These animals aren’t a new addition to Marineland – they’re actually a reminder that we started out as a marine and wildlife park more than half a century ago. That’s a heritage and connection to our past we like to maintain, and makes for a nice little surprise for those who aren’t expecting it.