Happy Victoria Day Everyone!

Happy Victoria Day everyone! It’s going to be another beautiful day! We’ve had an exciting weekend at Marineland. It’s good to be open again after what seemed like the longest winter in memory.

The dolphins are excited and you will see that when you see how high they jump in the air in this year’s brand new performances. Smooshi the walrus and her pal Buttercup have some fancy new routines they’ve been working on too.

Don’t forget to drop by Friendship Cove and Arctic Cove to visit Kiska the killer whale and our beautiful belugas. Some of the belugas are going to be moms this year. That could happen while you are here and it is a beautiful experience you will never forget!

The rides have been rocking since we opened the doors on Saturday. If you had a nickel for every smile you saw here you would be a millionaire. Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket if you like. Marineland is one of the few theme parks that allows you to bring in your own food and drinks. But, we also have a great menu here on site with prices affordable for families. Marineland puts families first.