Male walruses and some female walruses have special air sacs in their necks that hold air (up to 50 litres) allowing them to keep their heads above water for extended periods of time – they can even sleep this way. Amazing!

The males also use the air sacs to produce a characteristic bell-like sound when courting female walruses.

The first picture shows Zeus without inflated air sacs and the second picture shows Zeus with inflated air sacs.

Zeus2Zeus Air Sac2



Field Trip? Let’s Go!

There are countless opportunities to learn at Marineland, but did you know you can make it part of the curriculum outcomes for students from grades one through eight?

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A Bison or a Buffalo?

If you want to see the potential damaging effects humans can have on animal populations – and the important role conservation efforts can have to reverse them – just take a look at the North American bison.

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Our Four Legged Friends

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen at Marineland? Everyone knows us for our marine mammals and our great amusement rides, but many are surprised to encounter some of our four legged friends as well.

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The Star of the Show

They are some of the biggest stars at Marineland, but they’re quite humble about it. Smooshi, Apollo, Zeus, and the others are happy to get their pictures taken, regularly entertaining crowds at King Waldorf’s Stadium. It’s hard not to love walruses.

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A Ride For Every Size

There’s a good reason Everyone Loves Marineland. We do everything we can to make sure there’s something for everyone at our park. While visiting the amazing and beautiful marine animals is clearly a favourite, we make sure there’s something for the whole family to do as well as see.

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They’ll Earn your Seal of Approval!

Found along the shores of the north Atlantic from New Jersey to Norway, Grey Seals have a strong population that’s growing in numbers. The largest colony in the world is located at Sable Island in Nova Scotia, but you don’t have to visit that remote location to see these playful creatures.

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A Thrill for Every Seeker

Not everyone is a daredevil, wanting to go over the Falls in a barrel. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few thrills at Marineland. We have a range of rides for everyone, from gentle waves to white-knuckle adventure.

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No Lyin’! You’ll Love our Sea Lions!

They’re playful and they’re cute, but you can’t call these sea lions little. The female California Sea Lions you see at Marineland can weigh about 130kg, and the males can weigh more than twice that amount!

They’re incredibly nimble for such a large creature, whether it’s in the water or even on land. Their four flippers propel them quickly through the water, while the thick curved lenses of their large eyes gives them great vision under water. They even use their whiskers like antennae to help find food and identify objects by touch.

ball play

With special eyelids that help protect and moisten their eyes, they can see fine out of the water as well. Their hind flippers bend forward, and with their strong front flippers they can move easily on land. They normally travel the west coast of North America, visiting as far north as Vancouver Island, feeding on a diet of fish, squid and octopus along the way.

Here at Marineland we keep them to a regular diet of fish such as herring and capelin to keep them healthy and happy, and they’ll provide your family with endless fun as you follow their comical antics, in the water and out.

dance off

They’ve got Dolphinality!

Can you tell a dolphin from a porpoise? We often hear people mistaking our bottlenose dolphins for porpoises, and that’s an easy mistake to make. They are very similar, but here are some guidelines to tell them apart.

dophins jump

Dolphins are usually much larger than porpoises, and the front of their heads are more pointed. And if you get a chance to look at their teeth, you’ll see dolphins have cone-shaped teeth while porpoise teeth are spade-shaped.

When you spend a bit of time watching the dolphins at Marineland, you’ll soon notice they have distinct personalities… or should we say, “dolphinalities”? They can be stubborn or timid or playful, but mostly they love the company of others whether it’s fellow dolphins or their human visitors. The natural curve of their jaw looks like a perpetual smile, and that just adds to their friendly appeal.

dolphin jump 1

While scientists haven’t worked out the meaning of their language, they are very vocal with their communication to each other. But there’s no mistaking their love of having their back rubbed when you see them sidling up to their human friends.

Check the schedule posted at King Waldorf’s Stadium for specific show times to catch these amazing marine mammals in action.