The Friendly White Whales


What makes a beluga so beguiling? Playful, acrobatic, and intelligent, they’re one of Marineland’s most popular sights. Here’s a few facts you might not know about them.

When they’re born, they can be grey or even brown in colour. They gradually start to turn that famous ghostly white around the age of eight when they are more mature. While most whales have fused neck vertebrae, the beluga has a flexible neck so it can nod and turn its head.


Beluga whales are common in the coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean, but pods will migrate south as the seas freeze. They’re one of the most common mammals in Canadian waters but their species is threatened, just like their nearest relative, the single-tusked narwhal.

As for the name, it comes from the Russian word for “white”. Whether you’re watching from above ground or in our underwater viewing area, Marineland lets you appreciate this white whale in person.